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As you are the CEO of your life, the life of a business specially a startup is dependent on the captain of the shipThe CEO.

So whether one of the founders runs the ship or the founders hire a CEO to run the business there are finally choosing someone who will wear multiple hats

Infact he will wear the entire wardrobe of business:)

I threw open this question to some wonderful CEOs, Founders, Global Experts in the Startup Specialist Group on LinkedIn to Define a Startup CEO

Wonderful set of insights came into the discussion. One of the Startup Entrepreneur Neeraj Agarwal defined a Startup CEO as:

“My definition of Startup CEO is Chief Everything Officer.

Other entrepreneurs took a total different turn. Donna White described this as in a completely different way:

“Change it to CVO. Chief Vision Officer

Here are the Top 5 ways how global entrepreneurs, founders defined a Startup CEO:

  1. Chief Erroneous Officer
  2. Chief Everything Officer
  3. Capture Every Opportunity (after a sanity check of course)
  4. CXO:) (CTO, CMO, COO, CSO, The X keeps changing)
  5. Chief Energetic Officer

How would you define a Startup CEO ?

I would invite you to share your thoughts and feel free to share this like-minded peers who could also share their insights to this thread.

Bon Voyage.

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