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“Why Pay When You Can Get It For Free ?

As an entrepreneur or a startup specialist you may have access to a great tech team to help you get the desired data or results.This comes handy when you aren’t that tech savvy.

There are chances however when you are a small team and you may or may not be able to afford a tech team. This is the time when you have all the pressures in the world to handle your various functions like:

  • Productivity
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Services
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Accounting

The list can be huge and never ending and can go anon.

How do you manage your productivity then ?

Abhinav Singh posted a great question in the Startup Specialist Group and I personally think this is a great question for all startups for helping them to increase their productivity:

What is the best productivity tool for Entrepreneurs?

Shashank Mehrotra pointed out point blank to this answer for Entrepreneurs:

“They should not have a facebook account .

I would agree to a bit .

Keith Barry pointed out these following tools for usage:

  • Basecamp for project management
  • Skype for IM
  • Powwownow for free international conference calls
  • for web meetings and screen sharing (free version works great if you dont need the added features of the paid version)
  • Evernote for web clipping, note taking, organizing
  • Jungle Disk for shared cloud storage
  • Newsblur for reading blogs

Sometime back Christian Tarjei P. Gylseth did ask this question too in the Startup Specialist Group which had some amazing myriad answers. Some of these tools are in the free version.

What are the various free version tools you are using as a startup ?

These are the list of some top 10 tools for your various startup functions:

  1. Trello is great cloud based task and thought organizer.
  2. Springpad (and Evernote) for notes
  3. Hootsuite (free version) analyze multiple social media networks
  4. Google Docs (Hardly people use the power of Google docs)
  5. SmartSignin with just one click, you can log into all your web accounts, securely
  6. Share favorite content as a virtual magazine/newspaper
  7. Another tool for screen sharing and web conferencing is Anymeeting.
  8. MailChimp- Free version for email marketing
  9. Create Diagrams:
  10. LinkedIn (My personal favorite, connecting with your prospective customers directly)

What is your favorite tool that you use for being productive and is free for usage ?

May I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences and feel free to share this thread with someone who might want to read and take a dig.

Have an awesome week.

Bon Voyage.

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