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I think this should be the first advice to anyone who is about to startup.


There could be many other ones which maybe critical but this one stands tall.

During my stints of successes and failures I have realized that one has to keep listening to people. The suggestions may not be relevant at that time but it is always advisable to listen to people who have walked the path that you are trying to walk through.

It helps and surely in the long run.

So technically that’s advise no 2


I put up this question up for grabs in the STARTUP SPECIALISTS GROUP on LinkedIn and got some amazing responses from experts and entrepreneurs from across the world.

As an entrepreneur what is that one advice you want to give to young people who are about to startup ?

There were some brilliant responses that came into light. These are some of the top 10 responses (and many more on the thread):

  1. Karen Oliver said Learn about and then plan your marketing strategy.
  2. Chaitanya Allidona said Start something with a geniune intention of doing something good.
  3. Bojan Crnologar said Develop your product as far and as finished as you can.
  4. Gowrishankar Iyer said Need 3Ps- Passion, Perseverance and Patience. Rest will follow automatically.
  5. My favorite one Never compromise with quality and best services
  6. Kamau Austin said Find out as much about the industry and who the major players are in advance. Try to work in a similar business if you can on the sales and marketing end. Have a good finance source.
  7. Ed Zimmer added A business (every business) is nothing more than a set of customers (and a ā€¯successful business, a set of satisfied customers). First look for customers people or businesses who are ready and willing to buy something you can profitably supply.
  8. Carmelo Romano added this brilliant one Examine your idea from many different angles. Try to kill it in as many ways as you can. This is to ensure that you are not blinded by your idea. If it survives your attack, turn your attention to financing it to success. Then go for it.
  9. Neale Stuart Davies came up with this gem Realize that you do not know it all and get help from someone you trust who has startup experience.
  10. Arun Raj added this amazing insight Its important to understand if you have either two of these three aspects backing you Expert Knowledge of the domain / Strong pool of funding to manage your cash flow / A Solid team to deliver results.

You can find amazing and practical insights here on this thread. Click here.

As an Entrepreneur or An Expert what is that 1 Kickass advice that you may want to give to young entrepreneurs who are wanting to startup ?

May I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences and feel free to share this thread with someone who might want to read and take a dig.

Have an awesome week ahead.

Bon Voyage.

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